Acacia Translations interpreting services can assist with your organization’s multilingual communications by providing professional interpreters that speak in English and other languages, and in a wide array of situations. Acacia interpreters are certified, highly experienced professionals with the subject matter expertise required to bridge the technical and cultural challenges presented when communicating with others.

Acacia Translations provides interpreting services to a range of business and government organizations, including hospitals, emergency responders, law enforcement, military, and other entities, who recognize the value of effective communication with clients and end users. Linguists are typically assigned based on the scope of the requirements, including healthcare environments, court rooms, international conferences, or other situations with formal or informal circumstances.

What type of interpreting do you need?

   In-person Interpreting (on-site)

Interpreters go on-site for a hearing, meeting, or an appointment and interpret to a third party as directed by the client. Consecutive interpreting is used in circumstances such as medical appointments, confidential hearings, and depositions when there are a few people present. If support is needed for a visiting delegation that is traveling to multiple locations, Acacia Translations can assist with Escort interpreting.

Another option is Simultaneous interpreting which is appropriate for larger groups and audiences at events like conferences, hearings, town halls, large meetings, etc. In these instances, the interpreter speaks simultaneously with the presenter or speaker. For events which include simultaneous interpreting, Acacia Translations can provide the equipment including head transmitters, receivers, and booth along with an on-site Project Manager if requested.

   Telephonic and Video Interpreting (remote)

As an affordable alternative to the above interpreting services, Acacia also offers Telephonic Interpreting (over the phone interpreting or OPI). Telephonic interpreting is a 365/24/7 days of the week service and a cost-effective solution when the need for interpreting arises with little notice (or the client has constant requirements every day, week, or month).

Acacia Interpreter Qualifications

Acacia Interpreters are vetted by our strict and thorough recruiting process where all interpreters must have the following:

  • Minimum 5 years professional interpreting experience
  • Certification in language interpreting (CMI, CCHI, etc.)
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Diploma in interpreting, translation, and/or linguistics
  • Active references from work completed in last year
  • Academic and/or practical demonstrated Subject Matter Expertise (SME)

For more information about our interpreting services can help your business, please contact Acacia Translations.interpreting services