Acacia Translations provides Quality Control for the following services: Translation, Editing/Review, Proofreading, Translation Memory Creation (CAT), Terminology Management, Content Alignment, Back Translation, Machine Translation (Hybrid), Transcreation, and Multilingual Audio/Video Transcription & Translation.

All of our language services follow a strict and methodical quality model. We always assign a translator and an independent editor to each and every job. Our Interpreters have years of interpreting experience and are typically certified depending on the language.

We follow the standards defined and governed by GALA, ATA, and ASTM F 2575-06 where we employ a multi-step process as identified below. Acacia Translations follows the quality standards established by:

Acacia Translations: Quality Process

1. Initial Communication - Acacia Translations works with the client to identify a detailed list of project requirements including word count, language combination (see Acacia Languages), source and target file type, CAT tool preference, intended audience, and relevant terminology for all types of technical content. Administratively, Acacia Translations works with the client to define deadlines, an accessible method of contact for responsive and continuous communication, pricing, and terms.

2. Analysis & Resources – Acacia Translations analyzes and determines the linguistic skills and resources necessary to deliver a high-quality translation or other services (every project is different). We consider the subject matter expertise (SME) and background within our specialization categories (examples include healthcare, business, science, legal, and see Industries Served). Other considerations include glossaries, style guide, CAT tools, and/or other language technology if applicable.

3. Project Management & Translation Plan – The Acacia Translations Project Management model requires the Project Manager (PM) to acquaint themselves with the project by understanding the product, service, and purpose of the translation or other language service. The Acacia Translations PM will work with the client to identify the intended audience; formal or informal, public or internal, and potential cultural influences of the specific language. If we have questions, the Acacia Translations PM will contact the client for clarification. The PM will also assign a translator and independent editor to the job (or interpreter depending on the language service)

The Acacia Translations PM will work with the client and establish the translation method based on the field of the translation: e.g. medical, technical, legal, or marketing. This step is critical, as each subject matter field may have a different standard for quality. Please see the subject matter descriptions below for a basic understanding of quality standards in each field. If needed, we can also introduce a style guide and initiate actions for terminology management.

 4. Terminology Management – The linguists create a detailed, client-specific termbase/glossary. Employing a client-specific termbase will boost productivity and ensure terminology consistency throughout the translation process. Moreover, we can continue to use and add new terms for future projects from the client. Termbases include definitions, explanations, brand names, slogans, industry specific jargon, abbreviations, cultural references or idioms, commonly misspelled words, and client preferences for punctuation and tone of content or document.

5. Quality Assurance (QA) and Production Review – Acacia Translations runs a QA check for errors, duplicates, and missing content (production review). When applicable, we employ tools like SDL Studio Trados, MemoQ, Verifika, Xbench, or other language technology to save time and ensure that errors are identified and corrected. Quality issues may include spelling, inconsistent translations, repeated words and double spaces, incorrect use of punctuation marks, capitalization, and terminology from the client’s term-base.

6. More Communication and Delivery – Throughout the project, the Acacia Translations PM always keeps the communication channels open with the client. Prior to final delivery, Acacia Translations PM reviews the client’s instructions one more time, provides any final notes, concerns, and/or questions, if any, and double-checks the QA requirements for the project.

Examples of the quality areas of focus for each subject matter follow:

Medical: All original content is preserved post translation. Prescription instructions are readable; numbers, dosage measurements, and abbreviations are appropriate for target language. Date and time formatting are appropriate for the target language. Medication names are correct in the target language; most medications have different names in different languages. References to the client’s glossary for terminology, medication names, and abbreviation instructions. All process steps are in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Public Law 104-191.

Technical: Terms and device names are consistent. Character limit is maintained, or language expansion has been approved by client. Idioms and cultural references have not been used. Language is clear and concise.

Legal: Translator and editor are aware of the legal codes and country laws relevant to the project. Terminology, codes, law names, and abbreviations are consistent. Identified confidential information can be redacted. The linguists use an appropriate tone of voice for legal documents in the target language (active or passive).

Marketing: Translation is not a literal translation of the source content. Cultural influence on the target language including idioms, popular expressions, and marketing buzzwords has been taken into consideration. Translation is concise, readable, and attention-grabbing.

Please note that the meaning of quality in translation has long been the subject of great debate in the translation community and, as a result, it can be quite a challenge to define a mutually acceptable quality standard. By following the quality model mentioned above, Acacia Translations ensures your translations will be consistent, accurate, and effective for your target audience.

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